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Project Description
ZX Spectrum emulator written using XNA

  • ZX360 emulates 48K ZX Spectrum for the Xbox 360 using the XNA platform. Currently it is at the very early stages but does run most games and runs at 100% speed.

Current Status
  • Still havent come up with a good way to map keys to an Xbox 360 controller, currently have mapped a few numeric buttons to DPad and ABXY, also mapped Cursor Joystick to left thumbstick. Ideally it needs a setup screen so you could set mappings per game and save the settings.
  • No sound support yet.
  • Need better ROM selection. Has loading support for .Z80 and .ROM files but currently only loads .SNA ROMs.
  • The spectrum ROM is included as Amstrad who bought Sinclair gave permission to distribute it.
  • No game ROMS are included, you will need to find some .SNA games and place them in the Roms directory in the projects. There is a post build event which copies them to the build directory.
  • This should get you started:
  • I have been testing with Sabre Wulf and Alien8 and they play perfectly.

Keyboard Mapping
  • Currently holding the right shoulder button and then using the DPad you can change ROMS and also back will quit.
  • Holding the left shoulder button and pressing the DPad and ABXY will give 0-8 so for example load Alien8, hold the left shoulder and press X to select "Cursor Joystick", then A to start and control with left thumbstick.
  • I know it is confusing and rubbish, it will get much better!

Video of it in action

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